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SpaceCapture is a multiple functional screen capture tool, 1) extremely fast and convenient in scroll screen capture, it provides 3 manners of capturing modes, you can select any one match your desire. e.g., you can get the area cut clean when it...

Autodesk DWG TrueView

Autodesk DWG TrueView (64 bit) 2014 updated

A Diagnostic Tool For Your Wi-Fi Network. A very clever and advanced piece of kit for proper Wi-Fi management, Gives incredibility detailed readings, It gathers information about all RF signals,. If you do not have a degree in communications it looks like...

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AMCap 9.22

AMCap captures the video source recorded by your webcam and saves it to your hard drive straight away. With AMCap you can easily record video to your hard drive, either in MPEG2 or AVI format, provided you have the necessary codecs. It features some...

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