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Shepherd 1.7.0 updated

Shepherd is extremely easy to use and comes with plenty of documentation to get developers started on creating their own presentational guides. The library works by dithering out the rest of the page and leaving only the desired element in focus, while...


dhtmlxVault 2.4.1 updated

So much wanted, the Progress bar will inform the user during long-time operation about the ongoing process. Different file types are displayed with their own icon type set. Built with AJAX technology, the control allows files to be uploaded seamlessly...

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Dragula 3.6.8 updated

Dragula makes elements draggable on a Web page, with support for lots of helper functions for controlling functionality and fine-tuning the drag and drop actions. The library has no external dependencies, is framework-agnostic, and very well...


HINT.css 2.2.0 updated

Written actually in SASS and compiled back to CSS, the library uses minimal JavaScript and lots of HTML and CSS to render the tooltips without the aid of any images. A demo page is included with the download package.What is new in this release:Updated...


JCF 1.2.1 updated

JCF stands for JavaScript Custom Forms and is a jQuery plugin that unifies various methods of adding custom styles to Web forms. While usually these tricks and hacks are found in lots of separate plugins, JCF unifies them all in one big umbrella project...

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FormHack 1.2.0 updated

FormHack was created as a dedicated CSS reset file that targets form elements alone.This script will allow browsers to render form tags the same way across a multitude of devices and operating systems, allowing the developer to keep a consistent UI style...