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Dada Mail

Dada Mail 9.6.0 updated

Dada Mail was created to help webmasters manage newsletters and mailing lists. It's an ideal tool if interested in starting and managing your own email marketing campaign. Dada Mail does not only provide a way to manage emails, templates, campaigns, email...

Ahoy Email

Ahoy Email 0.3.0 updated

Ahoy Email was developed on top of Ahoy, a powerful Ruby event tracking system for building analytics and Web statistics services.The library works similarly to Ahoy, only it's focused on specific events and actions that occur inside emails.Ahoy Email can...


SendmailAnalyzer 9.2 updated

SendmailAnalyzer is easy to setup, coming with in-depth documentation and lots of customizable settings. The script works by interpreting standard maillog files and presenting the results via a Web accessible interface. Data is collected about top email...

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node-imap 0.8.16 updated

Node-imap allows asynchronous communication between Node.js and IMAP servers.A Node.js developer can simply connect and retrieve email data only via JavaScript code, without any proprietary software or third-party libraries. Usage instructions are...


RainLoop updated

RainLoop is for people tired of the constant changes to their email account's Web interface, tired of all the ads, and tired of the network latency and slow responsive UI. This small PHP script can be deployed to any personal (public or local) Web server...


phpList 3.2.4 updated

phpList is just like MailChimp, only self-hosted, with all the data stored on your own servers instead of some shady company's servers, on the Internet, where hackers or the likes of the NSA can get to them. phpList is perfect for managing...


Sendy updated

The problem with most MLM scripts is bandwidth usage. As the subscribers list grows, so does the cost of sending out the newsletter, growing exponentially with each new mailing list and each new email campaign. This is not only true for open source MLM...

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EmailReplyParser 2.4.1 updated

Besides the email's content, various details in the email's header can also be parsed. EmailReplyParser comes with support for detecting quoted text and email signatures. This can be very useful in large email conversations and for avoiding...