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Math toolkit

Math toolkit 1.5.1

Math toolkit is a lightweight C++ and Python library for finance, statistics, and linear algebra. It is aimed to be a convenient and handy toolkit to check out your ideals and help to developers implement finance and statistics functions calculation...


FreeJSTAT 22.0E

The following statistical analyses are available: Summary Statistics Frequency Distribution F Test Bartlett's Test Paired t-Test Unpaired t-Test Goodness-of-Fit Test Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test Mann-Whitney U Test OnewayANOVA TwowayANOVA Pearson's...

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Use the lesson apps for homework, parent involvement, home instruction, quizzes, or independent practice. Or a combination that we did not think of. Use the lesson apps to present to the class and have students work independently or in partners...