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HourWorld 3.5.1

HourWorld shows the light and dark areas of the earth with the positions of the sun and moon. Twilight is displayed with both beauty and geometric precision as it blends from daylight into full darkness around the world. The primary screen displays up to...

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Cassiopeia 2.4 updated

Cassiopeia is a scientific word processing and document management system for MacOSX. It combines the advantages of a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get environment with the typesetting capabilities of LaTeX and provides engineers and scientists of all...


Aabel 4.0

Diverse statistical & exploratory data analysis methods Easy to use data-reduction techniques for complex multivariate data A unique pipeline design that allows real-time two-way interaction with data and makes multivariate & exploratory data analysis...


MathTools updated

With 7 different tools, you can use MathTools for almost everything: basic operations, set theory and logic are just a few examples of the capabilities of this software. Use it as a basic or scientific calculator, or transform it into an amazing lab for...

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BioQuotes 5.0

BioQuotes is a collection of 14,650 quotations dealing with Life and the lives we lead. Chosen for their brevity and accessibility, the quotes include the wisest and wittiest words ever spoken. With a total of 5,500 authors, BioQuotes has all the...


Avizo 8.1

Avizo software is a powerful, multifaceted tool for visualizing, manipulating, and understanding scientific and industrial data. Wherever three-dimensional data sets need to be processed, in materials science, geosciences, environmental or engineering...