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ChemDuet 1.6.2

ChemDuet gives your iPod: Quick access to a wide variety of atomic properties, wherever you go! Easily adjust units of properties stored on iPod. Easy to use iPod-style interface. User configurable--choose what data you want to load onto your...


pjnmr 3.0.4

Successor to MacNMR (1984). Written by Paul Jean Letourneau as a joint project with NANUC (Canadian National NMR Centre) and PENCE (Protein Engineering Centres of Excellence) in java (PureJavaNMR, PJNMR) to run on multiple platforms. Includes vector...

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TexWriter 1.0b10

TexWriter is a brand new application for dealing with Latex documents. With its simple one-window-environment gone are the days of having multiple windows open when working on larger projects containing several file includes. TexWriter includes the...


Mathemania 3.1.3

Mathemania enables you to quickly and easily generate math fact practice sheets to print. You simply specify the operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) and number ranges you want to cover and Mathemania generates a sheet to your...

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FP 7.4

FP is an Xcode C++ project which implements unlimited length integers, multi-precision floating point numbers, fractions with unlimited length integers as num/den, and multi-precision complex numbers. It can calculate the usual transcendental functions,...