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2finder 1.3b

2finder is an applescipt to position 2 finder windows over each other. If not enough finder windows open it will open one or two...What is new in this release:Version suitable for Panther and Tiger (lower not tested) Dialog for row and column view the...

321Soft USB Flash Recovery

321Soft USB Flash Recovery updated

321Soft USB Flash Recovery for Mac is an advanced software tool specifically developed for USB flash drives and memory card. It can recover photo, video documents, and other files from USB drive, flash memory card, memory sticks, CD/DVD, iPod, mobile...

3D fileSpace

3D fileSpace 1.5.2 updated

3D fileSpace gives you a bird's eye view of all your files and folders, so you get quick and direct point-and-click access to each of hundreds of items, far more than a regular 2D view can show. And you can quickly see what is inside multiple nested...

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