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AnaBuilder 2.46.3

AnaBuilder is a freeware program for the creation of stereoscopic photographs (anaglyph, parallel, crossed, ... anaglyphs are viewed through Red/Cyan glasses). The program makes it possible to readjust the two views manually or fully automatically!...


Analog 1.3

Analog makes it easy to apply stunning filters and borders to your photos. There's tonnes of stylish filters included, and easy sharing to Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and CloudApp.What is new in this release:The update features the eight amazing filters from...


ANDIF 3.10

ANDIF ist a CoreImage-Filter and an interactive Application to supress noise in pictures, particularly pictures made with higher ISO-Values.What is new in this release:Version 3.0 -> 3.1 (2007-10-22): The Filter now works better in dark...

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Animix 1.4

Animix app is an unique way to breathe the life into your photos. You can add weather effects, animate water surfaces, put a sun lens flare and set up the camera movement. The app is that simple that even a kid can use it to produce some creative works!...

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