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Photo Keyer

Photo Keyer 1.0.2

Veescope Photo Keyer automatically removes the green screen from a photo. Add a background to the photo or use it in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects or any other image editing software. Take your pictures of your clients anywhere in the world,...


Pixy 1.3.1

Pixy PhotoManager is a user-friendly photo management application, indispensable tool for managing the augmenting album in your Mac. A compactly attractive and easy-to-use app, the Pixy PictureMate can help you better manage and access your...


PhotoCopy 1.1.3

PhotoCopy lets you combine iPhoto's ease of use with the great sharing features of Flickr. PhotoCopy makes it easier than ever to share your iPhoto library through Flickr and to create offsite backups. Copy photos from iPhoto to Flickr: Select which...

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Maskerade 1.3.4

Maskerade is a stand alone application that generates high-accuracy image masks when combined with a special two-shot digital photography technique. With your camera mounted on a tripod, just shoot your object twice with different backgrounds, load them...

ACDSee Pro 3

ACDSee Pro 3 3.6.170

ACDSee Pro allows to make the most of your time - and your photos. Fly through every step in your post-production workflow with real-time operation, customizable batch presets, and a powerful RAW processing engine. Perfect your images with patented LCE...

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AKVIS MakeUp 5.0 updated

AKVIS MakeUp improves portraits and adds glamour to photos, giving them a professional look. The software automatically smooths small defects on the skin, making it radiant, beautiful, pure and even.What is new in this release:Version 5.0 provides the...