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PostCard 20100520

PostCard is a Cocoa OSX for creating email-able post cards from your own photos or any image. Similar to the .Mac postcards. Cards have an "unlicensed" sticker unless a $5 license is purchased (after which all cards are normal).What is new in this...


DING 1.05

DING! is a specially designed tool that brings live updates of southwest.com offers directly to your desktop, allowing you to get a jump on the latest southwest.com sales. In addition, the DING! application provides quick and easy access to popular...


CallWall 1.0

CallWall is a software "firewall" for your phone. With the help of Caller ID, CallWall can identify calls and regulate them as per your preferences. What's more, CallWall can look up phone numbers online and automatically block calls from tele-marketers...


Proxifier 1.3.5

There are many network applications that do not support working through proxy servers and thus cannot be used behind a LAN or firewall(s). Proxifier solves this problem and gives you the opportunity to work with your favorite software without any...

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Quidam 1.0b2

It uses the tor ( http://tor.eff.org/ ) software that is a great open sourced project to set up an anonymous network and use it. Quidam is for now a simple menu extra to control tor (it permits to launch, stop and monitor tor, his log and its network...


soulseeX 1.0b6

This is a public beta release of soulseeX, a Soulseek client for Macintosh OS X. A lot of time and effort have gone into making this software a quality stable product. However, be aware that this is BETA quality software. Some features you may expect may...


gccc 1.15

alternative chat client for gay.com chat. improvements include comprehensive blocking system of bots/ads, color highlighting of chat conversation, integrated user database, record chat logs, private users without joining the room, sound notifications,...


Tubular 1.0

The Internet has already become the best place to find all kinds of video. Everything from coverage of the presidential election to hilarious short films can be found online. But the web browser isn't the place to run a media player. Web sites could never...

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AdSanity 1.1.1

AdSanity provides control over annoying Web ads in a way that's both effective and pleasing to the eye. AdSanity uses a neural network to identify GIF, JPEG, and Flash ads, and then pacifies them (stopping animation and adding transparency) so that ads...