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ImageX 3.25 updated

ImageX provides a palette with a list of all used pictures within the front most document. Those pictures can be sorted by name, page, type, color space, color profile or resolution. Several operations on those pictures like updating and relinking are...


Retrobatch 1.1 updated

Retrobatch provides flexible, super charged, batch image processing for your Mac. A node based batch image processor means you can mix, match, and combine different operations together to make the perfect workflow. A node for every operation,...

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iCalamus 2.18 updated

iCalamus is the publisher for Mac OS X, by invers Software from Loeningen, Germany. The DTP program can be used lightly as a feather and offers newbies and pros in Desktop Publishing all kinds of freedom to publish their ideas. iCalamus costs 129...

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InCatalog 2.22 updated

Imagine never having to wonder if your document reflects the latest changes in your database, or whether your database reflects the latest changes made to your document. InCatalog solves the problem by creating transparent links between your...