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Prom 0.9.87 updated

Prom allows Python developers to interact with a PostgreSQL database via Python-specific syntax.This in turn allows developers more in-depth control over the database, even if their SQL skills aren't really that good.Prom was based on Mingo.Prom usage...


TinyDB 3.2.1 updated

Comparing TinyDB to MySQL or PostgreSQL is like comparing an ant to the planet Jupiter. At ~100 KB and ~800 lines of source code, TinyDB is one of the smallest No-SQL, document-oriented database systems around. The main purpose of its existence is to...


phpMyAdmin 4.6.4 updated

phpMyAdmin has reached the stratosphere of fame in Web development, almost completely identifying itself with the product it serves. Just by saying phpMyAdmin, any developer these days will think of MySQL. Some don't even know MySQL doesn't come with...


MongoKit updated

The module is built on top of the native MongoDB Python driver.What is new in this release:Now MongoKit required PyMongo >= 2.5 find_and_modify returns None if the query fails Fix off-by-one error on SchemaDocument Fix inherited queries Fix for...

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py2neo 3.1.1 updated

Neo4j is a high-performance graph engine with all the features of a mature and robust database.It is a data store that falls into the boundaries of a NoSQL database system.The project provides support for the Graph Export Object File Format (GEOFF),...


Neo4j 3.0.3 updated

Compared to classic relational databases (PostgreSQL,MySQL), Neo4j provides a performance boost regarding both resource usage and query speed. This is mainly due to its simpler structure, Neo4j using simple graph trees to store data and relations between...


Bookshelf.js 0.9.4 updated

Bookshelf.js was built using the Knex.js SQL query builder and allows developers to interconnect a database with their Node.js applications and websites.Since it is heavily based on Knex, all of its features are supported, meaning support for traditional...

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Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra 3.5.0 / 2.2.6 updated

Apache Cassandra was initially built by Facebook for their own servers and services, using principles developed by Google and Amazon for BigTable and DynamoDB. Currently the project was donated to the Apache Foundation who continues to developed it...


Npgsql 3.0.5 updated

Written entirely in C#, Npgsql is basically a .NET abstraction class for PostrgeSQL, a concept very familiar and widely used with PHP and MySQL databases. Npgsql basically allows developers to inter-connect C# code with raw SQL operations, without...