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TuneRanger 1.0.1 Build 287

TuneRanger connects iTunes-running computers over a network, allowing music, video, and playlists to be merged from one iTunes library to another seamlessly. TuneRanger even works across platforms letting iTunes on Windows communicate and synchronize with...

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SyncMe2 1.0

SyncMe2 is yet another folder synchronizer utility. A folder synchronizer examines two folders and copies contents from each one to the other in such a way that both folders have the same contents; where an item exists in both places, it makes sure that...


ZMacSync 2.5.0

ZMacSync is tool that allows to remotely control and sync Linux based handheld devices. For Sharp Zaurus Linux PDAs also allows to keep the Qtopia PIM Database in sync with the MacOS X master data, including the address book, calendar, to do list, and...

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GoodSync 5.6.8 updated

GoodSync for Mac is an easy and reliable file backup and file synchronization software. It automatically analyzes, synchronizes, and backs up your emails, precious family photos, contacts, iTunes, financial documents, and other important files locally -...