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PHP RT 3.3.5

It enables departments in an organization to efficiently manage their tasks, regardless of the type of data that needs tracking.InstallationUnpach archive and upload files to a directory on the webserver.Edit edit config/global* and change DB settings,...

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phpticket2 "Alan" Release

Its purpose is to provide helpdesks/staffs with an easy "to do" application for keeping track of what needs to be done.The interface is lightly built, and kept fairly simple, easy to use.The code is licensed under GPL.What is new in this...

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Opentaps 1.5.0

The Opentaps suite incorporates several open-source technologies like Apache Tomcat, Google Web Toolkit, and OFBiz, creating a solid product that can work in classic setups or even cloud hosting environments.Opentaps was created to help companies manage...