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Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM 6.3.0 updated

The Vtiger CRM can be considered the "top dog" when it comes to free CRM solutions.Benefiting from a huge array of professional features, Vtiger is ideal for managing a company's entire activity online.Vtiger allows business owners to move their...


osTicket 1.9.9 updated

It's an attractive alternative to high-cost and complex customer support systems.What is new in this release:Update user information for existing users when importing CSV. Agent names are consistently formatted and sorted throughout the system. Memcache...


LiveZilla updated

LiveZilla is not a hosted solution, which means that LiveZilla needs to be installed on the local computer and on the webserver as well.It comes in two parts, a server client which runs on a PHP & MySQL server, and a desktop client which connects the...


OTRS 5.0.7 updated

The system is built to allow support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, etc. departments to react quickly to problems and events inside a company or with its customer base.What is new in this release:A new cleaner flat design has been...

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SuiteCRM 7.5.3 updated

SuiteCRM is a PHP CRM forked from the hugely popular SugarCRM. SugarCRM users can easily migrate to SuiteCRM, from both SugarCRM versions, Professional and Community. Just like the original CRM, SuiteCRM can be immediately deployed and used in production...


Zurmo 3.1.1 updated

Zurmo is a CRM app built with technologies like jQuery, Yii, and RedBeanPHP, developed with the goal of helping business owners move online their employee and commercial activity management applications. The entire system is extremely easy to install and...


Hesk 2.6.5 updated

It allows a developer to setup a ticket-based support system, also known as a help desk, for any website.Customers are able to submit support tickets and the staff has a nice web based interface to reply to and manage tickets.Features include multiple...


OTRS ITSM 5.0.7 updated

OTRS ITSM can also be described as a CMDB, a configuration management database. ITSM has the same features OTRS has, since its an add-on, but adds support for new ones, revolving around PC configurations, components, hardware, software, etc.. OTRS ITSM...

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SugarCRM 6.5.23 updated

SugarCRM is written in a simple, popular programming language (PHP) that can be customized in an instant.The CRM provides point-and-click capabilities for user interface customization, but for developers who want more customizations, there is...