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Revolver Office

Revolver Office 8.8.1rc4 updated

Revolver Office the new generation office software that combines the 5 most important organize and commercial functions: email, addresses, customer manager, project planner and invoicing. Whether as single user or as network with up to 100 users, Revolver...

Standard CRM

Standard CRM 8.4.211414 updated

Standard CRM is a powerful business tool to assist with your customer service and turn interactions into lasting relationships. Quick to setup. Easy to use. No time limits. Download now. Experience the future. Standard CRM is a modern app for...

24U Phone Companion

24U Phone Companion 2.1 updated

24U Phone Companion ties FileMaker Pro to your PBX to give your database solution a full control over your phone. New wizard-like Phone Companion Tester guides you step-by-step to test and troubleshoot your own phone system integration. Our implementation...

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MarketBuddy 3.1 updated

Market any Product on the Internet. MarketBuddy can reduce the human effort required to market any product or service using the power and worldwide reach of the Internet. It stores and organizes marketing contact information, then automates common...

Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM 9.1.1 updated

Frankly, the traditional CRM approach has been that of weighing salespeople down with administration with little to no return in value. Pipeliner CRM has totally changed all that - Pipeliner actually empowers salespeople. Instead of hating CRM as is the...

Elements CRM

Elements CRM 6.0.2 updated

Elements CRM is the #1 Mac CRM cloud app for Apple Business and enterprise, with customers in over 100 countries around the world! It's amazing to: Close more deals, Get more leads, invoice customers, customer communication, accelerating productivity,...

Blueprint Pro

Blueprint Pro 2.1.1 updated

Blueprint Pro is a control center for your business. The specialized app for small businesses, which combines powerful project managements using milestones, sales management and a huge range of organizational functions in one single app. >Have a full...

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onCourse 7.1 updated

onCourse allows you to track your students, courses and enrolments comprehensively. With minimal training your staff will be able to easily manage the most important information from across your organisation: web site pages, students, enrolments,...

Export Address Book

Export Address Book 1.9.7 updated

Export Address Book is an advanced Address Book exporter for the Mac to export your local contacts into various formats. It even lets you export fields with custom labels. It can export directly to an Excel file but supports also other export formats like...