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CalendarControl 7.5.1 updated

A calendar control plugin for REALbasic. The plugin also comes with a highly optimized DateDictionary that can be used with or without the control. The plugin supports MacOS Classic, MacOS X PPC, MacOS X x86, Windows and Linux compile. What...

ENet plugin

ENet plugin 1.6 updated

ENet's purpose is to provide a relatively thin, simple and robust network communication layer on top of UDP (User Datagram Protocol). The primary feature it provides is optional reliable, in-order delivery of packets. ENet is used a lot in...

Google Toolbox

Google Toolbox 2.2.2 updated

A collection of source from different Google projects that may be of use to developers working other Mac projects. What is new in this release: Update GTMStackTraceTest limits as newer Xcodes have longer stack traces What is new in version...

FileMaker Server

FileMaker Server 18.0.3 updated

Securely host groups of FileMaker Pro users over a network or on the web by adding FileMaker Server 11 (separate purchase of FileMaker Pro required). It's fast, reliable, easy-to-manage server software for managing your FileMaker Pro databases. Or choose...

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UtilsLib 7.2 updated

UtilsLib is a Xojo and Real Studio plugin, which has cross platform GUID Generation, ComputerName and UserName, day names, month names, bit wise handling, currency formatting, access to the location manager and many other utility functions. ...


TimeControl 7.3 updated

The TimeControl is a REALbasic control plugin to create a Time-picker. The Control is displayed according to control panel time settings, or in exclusive 24 hour mode. The control uses Native Windows control on Windows systems and native Theme...


DateControl 8.1.4 updated

The DateControl is a REALbasic control plugin to create a Date-picker. The Control is displayed according to control panel date settings, or in exclusive mm.dd.yyyy, exclusive dd.mm.yyyy or exclusive SQL format mode. "NULL" dates or what some...

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TreeView 8.0.2 updated

The TreeView will run with native look and feel on MacOS X PPC, MacOS X x86, Windows systems and Linux systems. The TreeView control both supports single selection and non continuous multi selection. Nodes support images, text and Checkboxes. ...