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scssphp 0.4.0 updated

By default, SCSS (SASS) code is compiled in Ruby, and many libraries that work with SCSS (SASS) rely on Ruby to do so. This PHP library provides a way to compile SCSS (SASS) source to normal CSS using a normal PHP engine. The library wraps around SCSS...


Shifter 0.5.0

Created to replace the YUI Build Tool, Shifter is a powerful build and scaffolding toolkit developed on top of Gears.js. Shifter works just like the aforementioned tools, building HTML, JS and CSS projects found inside a designated folder.It works by...


Shumway 0.7.0

Shumway was created using HTML 5 technology as an alternative method of displaying Flash content without having Flash installed locally.This means SWF files can be embedded via Shumway and they'll render properly without relying on any Adobe native...


SLip 1.0

SLip is written in JavaScript and is an attempt at porting a more complex programming language inside the dynamic runtime of a browser engine.While still in early development, SLip shows developers how more complex programming environments can be ported...

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Teapot 1.2.2 updated

Teapot will take a project, all its dependencies, and assemble it into its final form. It was developed for easier deployment of ready-made projects and starter kits. Usage instructions are included with Teapot's README file.What is new in this...


tinypy 1.1

This package contains a working compiler for Python code at a tremendous small size, usable for handheld devices or embeddable in other applications.Does not support the whole Python domain, but only the necessary features.Features:Bootstraped Python...

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ToffeeScript 1.6.3-4

CoffeeScript is a programming language that compiles it's own syntax into running JavaScript code. It's aim is to simplify writing JavaScript applications and reduce errors while writing new code.ToffeeScript was created to improve the core features found...


Traceur 0.0.92 updated

Unlike Python, Ruby, PHP, or Perl, there is no versioning number for JavaScript's core. The language itself is governed by the ECMAScript standard, that uses various notations between different versions of the JS syntax.The currently version of ECMAScript...