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Emscripten 1.36.5 updated

Emscripten works by transforming LLVM bitcode into JavaScript syntax and allowing developers to run it either in a client-side (browsers) and/or server-side (Node.js) environment. Emscripten is widely considered the best tool to convert C/C++ applications...


Teapot 1.2.2 updated

Teapot will take a project, all its dependencies, and assemble it into its final form. It was developed for easier deployment of ready-made projects and starter kits. Usage instructions are included with Teapot's README file.What is new in this...


SASS / SCSS 3.4.22 updated

Sass stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets. Sass has been also been known under the name SCSS since version 3.x and is responsible for the .scss file extension all developers got to know and love. SCSS allows writing more advanced CSS code via a...

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Cruncher 3.1.0 updated

Cruncher was created to promote professional practices when it comes to developing Web applications in C# & ASP.NET. Instead of simply dumping your CSS and JavaScript code into the final application, using Cruncher lets developers easily merge and then...


OpenFL 3.5.2 updated

Since Adobe unofficially abandoned Flash and development on the new ActionScript 4 language, the platform has been left for dead. Even so, it is still one of the most installed and used browser plugins around, an ideal way of promoting and distributing...


Rakudo 2015.11 updated

This is a development, running and compiling environment for the Perl 6 programming language. Uses the Parrot VM to compile the code.What is new in this release:Allow Buf.AT-POS to return an l-value. Implement method ^foo($) { ... } syntax. Implemented...

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Rubinius 3.2 updated

By default, the native Ruby compiler uses the Matz's Ruby Implementation (MRI) to execute code. Rubinius is an alternative to MRI, focused on speed and performance. This tool can be used for production environments, being compatible with most current...


Parrot 7.9.0 / 7.11.0-DEV updated

Parrot was initially developed to support the developed of the 6.x branch of Perl, but has expanded into a broad project that provides a virtual machine that supports multiple programming languages, compiling code from one language to the other. This...