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OpenCart updated

OpenCart provides merchants with a solid solution for creating their own online businesses and stores at minimal costs. The platform comes with a lot of tools allowing every store to be modeled around its products, clients, and local environment. As with...

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Thelia 2.3.0 updated

Thelia is a relatively new shopping platform, developed on top of new technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Symfony, Bootstrap, and Smarty. The system is easy to deploy thanks to the installation wizard it comes with, and can easily be managed thanks to the...

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LiteCart 1.3.5 updated

LiteCart is coded in PHP and works on top of a MySQL database. As the name hints, it is very light compared to other similar platforms, and as a side effect it also loads and performs very fast as well. The LiteCart platform can be used for any type of...


opentype.js 0.6.2 updated

opentype.js is an open source JavaScript library that can parse font information from the source, meaning the font files themselves. The library supports OpenType and TrueType fonts, allowing developers to read data like: - font glyph paths - font glyph...