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Google Toolbar for Firefox

Google Toolbar for Firefox (Firefox) 7.1.20110316

Translations, side-wikis and sharing instantly via Firefox. Translates pages automatically in Firefox, Allows you to share web pages instantly, Write your own side wiki opinions of web pages, Lots of other browser enhancements. Can get cluttered with too...


Lunascape 6.8.6

Hybrid web browser with support for three rendering engines. Three web rendering engines in one program, Fast loading, low on resources, Many interesting tools and options. Takes a while to configure, First time launch is...

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HistoryBlock Firefox add-on 1.3.5

Keep unwanted sites out of your history Firefox 3. 5 now comes with a privacy mode, that you can switch into if you don't want your browsing to be saved in your history. HistoryBlock has a similar purpose, but works in another way some users might...

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