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GZ Blog

GZ Blog 1.0

GZ Blog is PHP Blog software. Gz Blog is easy to install, and you manage blog, post, category and more, easy and fast. GZ Blog Features: Unlimited Categories, Search Engine Friendly URLs, Create Own Layouts, Meta descriptions, keywords and titles,...


Fraym 0.9

It is a new open source content management system. It's built to create a new experience for creating & editing websites. Creating sites with Drag & Drop. Features: Multilanugage & Multi-site Support Integrated caching to improve your page load...


TL;DR 1.0

This free tool allows you creating a short link to any quote on a Website. This comes in handy when you wish that everyone receiving such a link will focus on a specific portion of a Web page. Just select any text, then click on the "TL;DR" button, and...

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Nibbleblog 3.7.1

Powerful engine for creating blogs, all you need is PHP to work. Very simple to install and configure (only 1 step). Nibbleblog uses its own DBMS using XML files for storage and you don't need MySQL or other DBMS.What is new in this release:Version...


Breezi 1.0

Breezi has completely reinvented the experience of creating a website. Focused on empowering designers & creatives, we removed everything from the process that typically hinders creativity and delays the launch, giving a seamless path from ideas to live,...

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Dazzler 1.0

Dazzler allows you to increase visitors and traffic to build your blog's presence. It can generate revenue from your blog with product advertising with your shared content of Dazzler affiliated blogs. Dazzler is a community of bloggers and developers...