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PassLib 1.6.2

PassLib provides cross-platform implementations of over 20 password hashing algorithms.Can be used for:- Quick-start password hashing for new python applications.- Constructing a configurable hashing policy to match the needs of any python application.-...

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PyBrowserID 0.9.2

BrowserID is use to power the Mozilla Persona service and is considered one of the most secure and promising authentication systems around.The PyBrowserID library was developed to allow Python applications to authenticate their users against the BrowserID...


Rauth 0.7.0

The library can be utlized in Python-based websites and apps to create an authorization/authentication client for OAuth providers.The library is well tested and production-ready.Features:Supported protocol versions: OAuth 1.0 OAuth 1.0a OAuth 2.0 Ofly...

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socialoauth 0.3.3

OAuth is an open protocol to allow API authentication in a simple and standard method from all applications, including desktop and web.The "socialoauth" Python library is an unified interface for working with OAuth2 enabled services.It enables users to...