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PHPoAuthLib 0.8.6 updated

PHPoAuthLib will let developers easily add an oAuth client to their code without having to change their code too much. Both major versions of the oAuth protocol are supported, 1.x and 2.x. The library is a generic system which handles oAuth authentication...


OAuth2 1.1.0 updated

OAuth2 implements the newer changes made to the OAuth protocol via its more secure 2.0 version, but still keeps the simple interaction model used with the first version. The library is nothing more than a plain Ruby wrapper for the official protocol API,...


OmniAuth 1.3.1 updated

OmniAuth sets to provide a modern solution to handle the various ways applications and websites tend to authenticate users on their services.The library works as a wireframe for various services and providers, allowing a solid base on which "strategies"...

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Apache Oltu

Apache Oltu 1.0.1 updated

OAuth is an open protocol that allows users to share their private resources (e.g. photos, videos, contact lists) stored on one site with another site without having to hand out their username and password. Apache Oltu simply ports various features of...


hello.js 1.9.6 updated

hello.js uses a simple modular structure to provide support for various OAuth operations and common, well-known services. While v2 is natively supported, if you're still working with a v1 OAuth system, then hello.js can help you as well, but only...


Sitelok 4.5 updated

Using Web development industry terms, Sitelok is membership manager, a script that allows a webmaster to control and oversee a site's users, editing their profile details, organizing them in groups, fine-tuning access rights and setting up authentication...

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Passwordless 1.1.0 updated

Passwordless implements OTPW: one-time-passwords.This works by asking the user to enter an email address and by sending him a confirmation link to that address.By clicking and accessing the link, the user is authenticated and a new account is created for...