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fLOW 5.0

fLOW is an audio computer program running on Apple Macintosh machines. It generates an ever-changing and never repeating soundscape in real time that fills the space with flooding sounds that resemble - metaphorically - the timbres of water,...

MP3 Gain 4

MP3 Gain 4 4.0.0

Do you often get into the problem of adjusting the audio volume? May be this app help.MP3 Gain is a simple tool designed specifically to adjust and normalize the volume of audio(mp3, wma) files. It automatically normalize the volume of audio...

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TwistedWave 1.20.2 updated

TwistedWave is a very easy to use and powerful audio editor. It supports Audio Unit plug-ins and many file formats, including wav, aiff, caf, mp3, mp4, FLAC, Ogg/Vorbis and ambisonic sound files. Good multichannel support. TwistedWave lets you easily add,...


Xx 5.5

Xx is a MIDI sequencer and composition environment that is built to work hand-in-hand with MetaSynth. One of the more unique features of Xx is its ability to convert any picture (PICT file) to MIDI data, allowing you to "paint with sound." In...

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