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Echoes 3.0.2 updated

Echoes can be used as a custom YouTube player, with more user-friendly features that a YouTube profile can't provide out of the box. This app was built using well-known and well-tested Web technologies like RequireJS, Underscore.js and Backbone.js.What is...


JetS3t 0.9.4 updated

JetS3t is basically a collection of Java libraries wrapping various AWS APIs. The toolkit allows developers to create Java applications that interact with Amazon Web Services tools and features, all in a simple and non-destructive manner. JetS3t is a...

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Spring Social

Spring Social 1.1.4 updated

Spring Social is nothing more than a collection of Java bindings for various SaaS APIs. This bindings act like abstraction layers between the Spring app and the online service, allowing developers to query and search for data online, retrieving the...

PayPal Node.js SDK

PayPal Node.js SDK 1.6.7 updated

The PayPal Node.js SDK was developed to simplify the process of accepting a credit card payment via PayPal's service. Developers can initiate payments, manage subscriptions, accept future payments, send funds back to their owners, check payment details,...

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imgurpython 1.1.7 updated

imgurpython is a low-level library that can be used by developers working on Web and desktop applications that interact with Imgur's servers and services. This API client library allows them to query to image hosting service and get back a response with...


php-opencloud 1.16.0 updated

php-opencloud was first developed to work with the Rackspace API, but is also compatible with OpenStack or any other similar open-cloud API. The library is basically an abstraction layer between Rackspace's service and the PHP language. Documentation...