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Rising Antivirus is complete Windows security center suite. Impressively, it has a 90 day trial period, so you can really get an idea if it's for you before you buy. Rising Antivirus provides disk scans, real-time monitors and protects the Windows...


Hitman Pro 3.6.174

Think you've got a virus? Get a second opinion. Portable, Doesn't conflict with your antivirus, Useful if you suspect you have a virus even after using an antivirus,. Limited scheduling options, Doesn't explain differences between scans...

Kingsoft AntiVirus

Kingsoft AntiVirus 2010.11.6.318

Kingsoft AntiVirus is a lightweight, unobtrusive antivirus that protects your system without constantly bugging you with warning messages and desktop notifications. In Kingsoft AntiVirus you'll find all the basic features you would expect from this kind...

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