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Payola 1.4.0 updated

Payola is a RoR gem for handling billing operations via the Stripe payments processing service. The library supports one-time transactions and auto-renewing subscription plans, and can handle payment operations using async calls in the application's...

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Kill Bill

Kill Bill 0.16.0 updated

Kill Bill is a Java library created to deal with payments and money transfers.It was built to work with third-party payment systems and has been used with known Web companies like Groupon and Ning.Kill Bill can power simple one-time money transfers, or...


NixBill 1.3.2

NixBill is an answer to all of the problems with current billing systems.It was created especially for web hosting automation, but can support any kind of web related service.Has support for hosting applicaitons like cPanel, Directadmin, Plesk, HyperVM...

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