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Gwyddion 2.45 updated

Gwyddion is an open source and cross-platform software primarily intended for analysis of height fields acquired by scanning probe spectroscopy and microscopy techniques, such as AFM, STM, SNOM, NSOM or MFM. It has been designed from the ground up to...


LabPlot 2.0.2 updated

LabPlot is a free, portable and open source graphical software implemented in Qt for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and designed from the offset to be used for interactive analysis of scientific data, supporting both 3D (three dimensional) and 2D (two...


OpenAPC 3.5-10

OpenAPC is a free and multiplatform APC (Advanced Process Control) graphical software project that is both configurable and highly flexible. It covers a wide range of visualization, process control tasks and automation from industrial automation to home...


Graphviz 2.38.0

Graphviz is open source, freely distributed and cross-platform graph visualization (a way of displaying structural information as diagrams of abstract networks or graphs) software suite that includes various graph layout applications.Features at a...

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ctioga2 0.14.1 updated

ctioga2 is the next generation version of the ctioga program, an open source, fast, beautiful, powerful, equation-friendly, and scriptable command-line software that has been designed for polymorphic plotting, based on the Tioga plotting library. The...


cptutils 1.57

cptutils is an open source and completely free command-line software implemented in C and designed to provide users with a number of utilities for manipulating colour gradients on GNU/Linux or UNIX-like operating systems.More than 15 utilities are...


Veusz 1.24 updated

Veusz is an open source and cross-platform software project that provides users with a unique and complex scientific plotting application, specifically designed to allow users to create PDF and Postscript output that is ready for publishing. Key features...


VirtualGL 2.5 updated

VirtualGL is a completely free, multiplatform and open source command-line software that can redirect 3D commands from any given OpenGL app to a server-side 3D video card, on any Linux or UNIX-like operating system. It also converts the rendered images...

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iceWing 0.11

iceWing is an Integrated Communication Environment Which Is Not Gesten (this is a reference to an older program, the predecessor of iceWing) is a graphical plugin shell. It is optimized for, but not limited to, image processing and vision system...