Quick Pallet Maker

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Quick Pallet Maker
Software Details:
Version: 5.5 updated
Upload Date: 6 Mar 18
Developer: Koona
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 379.00 $
Downloads: 29
Size: 33448 Kb

Rating: 2.7/5 (Total Votes: 3)

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Quick Pallet Maker is a Pallet Loading application that calculates the optimal box dimensions in order to fit the most packages into a shipping pallet. The user introduces the dimensions for his/her Primary Package along with other physical information and the program displays the available solutions graphically. Features a "solver" that iterates to achieve best results. Works with Metric and English units.

What is new in this release:

  • AF: Speed increase across the board. Quicker calculations and less memory usage from internal algorithm optimizations.
  • NF: Visible internal case dividers when starting from primary packages.
  • NF: Support for high-resolution displays (Retina).
  • NF: SQLite support in Standard Cases and Pallets window allows copying data across computers.
  • AF: Support for exporting pallet reports to PDF in Windows.

What is new in version 4.8.4:

  • [All-731] BF: Fixed bug that won't let you read all the information on "Fill Container".
  • [All-733] BF: Fixed issue that shows Koona, LLC as an unknown editor on the uninstall dialog.
  • [All-855] NF: Change units option is now available from "Fill Container".
  • [All-1019] BF: Printing issue in 4-level packaging.
  • [All-1020] NF: "Alternate Layer" feature added to the "Pallet Action" option on the "Tools" menu.
  • [All-1024] BF: Issue mixing boxes and cylinders in pallets.
  • [All-1025] NF: Added an Excel import format for the windows: "Start from Box", "Fill Container" and "Load Multiple Packages".
  • [All-1027] BF: Box 2D drawing is not working properly.
  • [All-1028] BF: Issue when filling standard boxes with multiple packages.
  • [All-1032] BF: Fix plural words.
  • [All-1034] BF: Fix capitalized words.
  • [All-1037] BF: The "Fix Column" option was removed from the contextual menu on "Fill Container" due to lack of functionality.
  • [All-1038] BF: The extra columns on "Start from Box" were removed.
  • [All-1039] BF: Issue editing table rows on "Fill Container".

What is new in version 4.8.3:

  • [All-264] NF: Drag pallets across windows.
  • [All-703] AF: Improved modal windows behavior.
  • [All-723] AF: Improved delete data function on "Fill Container" and "Start from box" tables.
  • [All-764] NF: Add buttons to increase and decrease XYZ values on "Layer Editor".
  • [All-766] BF: Bad cylinder views at "Layer Editor" and "Available solution".
  • [All-768] AF: Control panel shows QPM app without ID.
  • [All-769] BF: Fixed pallet drawing in "Box Compression" window.
  • [All-773] BF: Improved SVG pallet output.
  • [All-775] NF: Change the box drawing by clicking the image like at the "Detailed Report".
  • [All-779] AF: Now you can Paste and Delete an image from the logo box at the "Detailed Report".
  • [All-782] AF: Notification window for new available updates.
  • [All-795] BF: Improved feature for "Mix layers and optimize in height".
  • [All-798] BF: Correction of report name in the "Export" menu to "Detailed Report (graphics)".
  • [All-800] BF: Fixed bug in "Advanced Data Load" feature, reverse results.
  • [All-802] BF: Not available image at "Fill container".
  • [All-804] BF: Fixed Primary package import command on the primary package window.
  • [All-806] BF: Fixed Primary package import option on the "File" menu.
  • [All-807] BF: "Load Multiple Package" window does not have a title.
  • [All-812] AF: Missing container imagen if you go back to the input data.
  • [All-813] BF: Useless option in export pallet on the "File" menu.
  • [All-814] BF: Useless option in export "Palletizing Movie" on the "File" menu.
  • [All-817] AF: Improved user interface.
  • [All-815] BF: It was not possible to export the box drawing from "Fill container" window.
  • [All-826] BF: Loop on "Fill container" when the "Print Report" action is cancel.
  • [All-829] BF: App would crash when importing boxes from the "Start from Box".
  • [All-830] BF: App would crash when exporting the "Fill Sequence" and "Bill of Materials" from "Fill Container".
  • [All-831] BF: App would crash when exporting the "Movie" from "Fill Container".
  • [All-835] BF: Removed useless paste option on the "Edit" menu.
  • [All-839] BF: App would crash on "Fill Container" with "Black and White" drawings.
  • [All-841] BF: Separate Primary Packages option was not working properly.
  • [All-845] BF: "Convert data on unit change" option was not working properly on all windows.
  • [All-846] BF: Window menu shows windows that were not open.
  • [All-848] BF: Removed defective feature for display the pallets gravity center.
  • [All-853] BF: Fixed bug on feature "Rotate Layes Above" from the "Layer Editor".
  • [All-852] BF: Changing layers did not refresh the pallet drawing on the "Layer Editor".
  • [All-956] BF: Flipped boxes in "Fill Container" display incorrectly.
  • [OSX-961] BF: Drawing crash on Mac when calculating box fill.
  • [All-964] BF: "Load Multiple Package" window shows wrong window data.
  • [All-965] NF: Reduce the size of a box that was calculated with excessive slack.
  • [All-978] BF: Fixed bug on "Load Solution" feature.
  • [All-987] BF: App would crash when working with 2D drawings on "Fill Container".

What is new in version 4.8.2:

  • [All-781] NF: New pallet report shows pallet drawing along the fill information and list of boxes.
  • [All-702] BF: Mixed pallets crashed app when optimizing further or alternating layers.
  • [All-704] AF: Improved Welcome message.
  • [All-705] AF: Improved pallet results table legibility.
  • [All-707] AF: Improved modal windows behavior.
  • [All-720] AF: Code and Description columns in Start from Box window are now editable.
  • [All-725] AF: New template for printing reports in Detailed Report window only with pallet data.
  • [All-762] AF: Deactivate Serial Number function now removes the serial number completely instead of just deactivating it.
  • [All-703] BF: "Buy it Now" window interfered with other applications. Changed from global to app window.
  • [All-708] BF: Calculation bug would deliver incorrect pallet length and width for boxes with decimals, using some international notations.
  • [All-709] BF: Colors couldn't be edited when starting from box dimensions.
  • [All-710] BF: Start from Box table would show the wrong column heading.
  • [All-713] BF: Removed empty slots in View menu at start.
  • [All-717] BF: Pasting boxes with decimals in international versions would deliver incorrect results.
  • [All-721] BF: Useless floating menu bar was removed.
  • [All-722] BF: Text in Spanish was incorrectly cased.
  • [All-724] BF: App would crash when quitting during demo countdown.
  • [All-730] BF: Start from Box window showed inconsistent column headers and formatting.
  • [All-732] BF: Selecting an item from the list in the Container Fill table would provide information for a different one.
  • [All-736] BF: Shipment templates are now available by default.
  • [All-737] BF: Fixed abbreviations in Spanish text.
  • [All-739] BF: Demo countdown window would not show the Expired message when the period was over.
  • [All-741] BF: Layer Editor would crash with new boxes on layers in specific arrangements.
  • [All-747] BF: Layer Editor would crash when closing background (master) window.
  • [All-748] BF: Reordering pallets by clicking on the columns in the Available Solutions window would deliver incorrect results.
  • [All-750] BF: Inserting a box with packages in a Layer Editor that had been called up with empty boxes would crash the app.
  • [All-751] BF: Mixing boxes (empty and full) in the Layer Editor and then reapplying the layer would deliver incorrect results.
  • [All-754] BF: Expanding the Available Solutions window would make the pallet drawing disappear until it was refreshed manually.
  • [All-757] BF: Contiguos boxes with decimals were not allowed to move in the Layer Editor.
  • [All-758] BF: App would crash when choosing "Import Primary Package" from the package drawing and then canceling.
  • [All-761] BF: Fixed error in drawings in Box Compression window when dragging boxes from the Standard Cases and Pallets window directly to the Start from Box window. Related case: 769.
  • [All-767] BF: Box compression window would deliver incorrect results when stacking pallets.

What is new in version 4.8.1:

Bug fixes.

What is new in version 4.7.9:

Bug fixes.

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