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Version: 7.4.8 updated
Upload Date: 6 Mar 18
Distribution Type: Shareware
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Size: 64601 Kb

Rating: 3.8/5 (Total Votes: 4)

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Query, edit, browse, and manage all major databases from one database tool. RazorSQL (OSX) is a universal database query tool, programming and sql editor, database navigator, and administration tool with built-in connection capabilities for DB2, Derby, DynamoDB,Firebird, FrontBase, Hive, HSQLDB, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, OpenBase, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Salesforce, SimpleDB, SQL Anywhere, SQL Azure, SQLite, Sybase, and Teradata.

RazorSQL (OSX) ships with a built-in relational database engine that is up and running out of the box and requires no end-user administration. RazorSQL (OSX) are visual tools for creating, editing, describing, altering, dropping, and viewing database objects; tools for importing and exporting data; a database browser for the viewing of database objects and structures; and a robust programming editor with support for SQL, PL/SQL, TransactSQL, SQL PL, PHP, Java, XML, HTML, and eleven other programming languages.

What is new in this release:

  • Firebird: Added support for connecting to Firebird 3 databases without making wirecript configuration changes
  • Firebird: Added support for the binary data editor and image viewer for blob subtype 0 / blob subtype binary columns
  • Added support for Derby 10.14
  • Upgraded Firebird JDBC driver
  • Ingres: Procedure names not correct in certain situations
  • Row limit not supported with old versions of MySQL connector/j driver. RazorSQL now does not attempt to set row limits for old MySQL driver versions

What is new in version 7.4.4:

  • Added Close Tab context menu option to query results tabs
  • SQLite: RazorSQL SQLite Driver changed to legacy status. Recommended to use SQLite JDBC Driver
  • SQL Server procedure editor - if file contains carriage return / line feed line break format, or if editor preference for line breaks is set to carriage return / line feed, the carriage returns are kept in the procedure text when sent to the database
  • FrontBase: Drop table syntax now includes restrict keyword at the end
  • FrontBase: With certain drivers, dropping an object will cause database navigator to not reload correctly
  • SQLite: Generate DDL does not generate View DDL for views with spaces or special characters in the name
  • SQLite: Alter option for Views in context menu of database browser not generating drop and create view statements
  • Auto-commit setting not retained when opening a new tab that shares the existing connection
  • High Resolution Monitors: Close icon on tabs right-edge not completely straight
  • Mac: High Resolution Monitors: Close icons not working on tabs

What is new in version 7.3.7:

Oracle Package Body function navigator sorts functions and procedures in alphabetical order by the name

What is new in version 7.3.3:


  • Reduce amount of logging for Salesforce and DynamoDB to prevent large log files


  • RazorSQL SQLite driver not recognizing primary keys correctly when columns are defined with tick marks surrounding the name

What is new in version 7.3.0:

  • Added JSON as an option to the Export tool
  • Added JSON option to the command line export tool
  • Added table conversion to the command line tool
  • Added a delete all rows option to the Edit Table tool
  • Added tooltip text to the file names in the FTP browser
  • Database name is now required for SQL Azure connections
  • Edits in new window font on Edit Table Tool now matches the edit table tool / query results font
  • Trying to enter column selection mode in a file with potentially misaligned tabs gives warning with an option to create a new editor tab with tabs converted to spaces
  • Upgraded MariaDB driver to version 2.0.1
  • Dragging from 4k display to non-4k display causes window to turn black.
  • FTP Browser: File name width not getting calculated correctly leading to long file names getting cut off
  • Describe tool not working for tables with certain column types
  • MySQL keep alive query not getting set correctly when creating new connections
  • DynamoDB tables with more than one dot in the name throwing sql parsing error from database navigator operations
  • Connections -> View Print Output menu option not enabled for PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL raise / print information displaying duplicate messages in certain situations

What is new in version 7.2.5:

  • Improved memory efficiency of the compare process
  • XLSX files with empty lines at the end causing errors with the import tool
  • XLSX import - varchar column values getting .0 appended when values are numeric
  • View menu user-defined keyboard shortcuts getting lost when opening new tabs

What is new in version 7.2.4:

  • Added support for the XLSX format for the command line export process
  • Added Azure Data Warehouse connection option for SQL Azure
  • Added support for mouse-based horizontal scrolling on Mac
  • Better support for SQL keywords in Salesforce queries
  • Upgraded HSQLDB driver to 2.3.4
  • Upgraded SQLite driver to 3.16
  • Upgraded sqlite3 command line program to 3.16
  • Icons and Text not getting scaled enough for Windows scaling above 150%
  • SQL Formatter window OK button requires mouse to execute - can't be executed with keyboard
  • Add Connection Wizard: When no existing database connection profile exist, the database type list is not getting the window focus
  • Fonts on preferences window not correct for scaling or when text size expanded
  • Query results search all option is not setting the view of the results table back to the first row

What is new in version 7.2.3:

  • Added a View -> Font -> Reset Fonts to Default menu option and adding a reset fonts to default option in the preferences
  • Mac 64-bit: Included executable program within RazorSQL.app so command line programs can be run without any additional installs required
  • Changed default editor font size from 11 to 12
  • Xactly ODBC Driver: If query returns no rows, don't show error
  • Xactly: Drop-downs: Configure for schema support only - remove catalog/database options
  • Xactly: Don't perform operations on stale results or connections to prevent crashing
  • FTP client. Right-clicking on Mac with control plus click deselects the currently highlighted item
  • Mac 64-bit: Next tab and Previous tab shortcuts moving over two tabs instead of one
  • If screen resolution is made larger while RazorSQL is running, unable to resize window past original screen size
  • FTP Client: The progress bar on windows is not wide enough
  • MS SQL Server: Generate DDL is putting sizes on hierarchy_id columns
  • Query Results: Copy Results to Clipboard (No Column Names) option is including the column names in the copied text

What is new in version 7.2.1:

  • Added a quick connect box to the toolbar
  • Changed Xactly keep alive settings to prevent a crashing issue
  • Changed the way decimal values are retrieved for Xactly
  • HSQLDB / HyperSQL: Generate DDL and Alter view not working with newer versions of HSQLDB

What is new in version 7.1.3:

  • Changed default MongoDB timeout and keep alive settings
  • SSH Tunnel and SFTP Client not working when using SSH servers that have Kerberos as the preferred authentication type

What is new in version 7.1.1:

Minor bug fixes.

What is new in version 7.1.0:

Added Excel xlsx support to import and export tools.

What is new in version 7.0.6:

Import tool enhancements

What is new in version 7.0.4:


  • Added support for macOS Sierra
  • Enhanced single-threaded mode for legacy ODBC drivers
  • Added a preference to force RazorSQL to run in single-threaded mode (for legacy drivers that don't support multi-threading)
  • Added support for more Salesforce count query types


  • Xactly and CacheDB ODBC connections are now set in single-threaded by default
  • Changed the way RazorSQL communicates with the Xactly driver for non-select statements

Bug Fixes

  • Queries against tables with uniqueidentifier columns throw errors when using the SQL Server ODBC driver

What is new in version 7.0.1:


  • Salesforce table conversion: Added the ability to convert Salesforce tables to the following databases: DB2,MS SQL Server,MS Access,MySQL,Oracle,PostgreSQL,SQLite, HSQLDB, and H2
  • DynamoDB local connections now allow the region to be specified in the local URL


  • DB2 Conversion - when converting to DB2 tables, force a NOT NULL constraint on primary key columns
  • Minor display layout changes

Bug Fixes

  • Export Tool: Invalid file paths sometimes received from the save file dialog

What is new in version 6.4.8:


  • Added preference for specifying the maximum column width in query results cells


  • Previous Vertica result sets are closed upon execution of new queries

Bug Fixes

  • Vertica error messages not displaying properly
  • Database navigator not loading correctly when disconnecting and reconnecting a Vertica database
  • MySQL JDBC drivers versions 5.1.35 and newer not able to connect

What is new in version 6.4.7:

  • Added ability to change text and background color of query results
  • Added ability to change text and background color of database navigator
  • Added more options to the "View Query" window

What is new in version 6.4.6:


  • Increased default memory settings on Mac and Windows 64-bit versions

Bug Fixes

  • Database navigator does not work with Cassandra version 3
  • Mac 64-bit: Value in Help menu Adjust Memory Settings box may not match what the actual max memory is set to

What is new in version 6.4.3:


  • Sybase Call Procedure Tool: Added support for timestamps as input
  • Command Line Connect Option: Added support for specifying the connection tab name as an additional parameter after the connection string
  • Maximum window size is no longer set when multiple monitors are present

Bug Fixes

  • Create table on local database from query results not handling Oracle date values correctly

What is new in version 6.4.0:


  • Edit query window from query results tab is now a bigger window and has syntax highlighting
  • Added support for Derby version 10.12
  • Upgraded graphics libraries on Windows and Mac
  • Salesforce: Added support for querying using ALL ROWS


  • Teradata: Updated driver class name on connection wizard to reflect recommended name instead of deprecated name
  • Better support establishing Cassandra connection
  • For users who upgrade, better handling of replacing old Oracle drivers with new Oracle drivers from connection profiles created with old versions of RazorSQL

Bug Fixes

  • DB2 Copy to Local Database: Decimal column length not getting set correctly
  • Add connection profile - HSQLDB driver version listed incorrectly

What is new in version 6.3.28:


  • MySQL Table Conversion: Auto increment columns now convert to PostgreSQL serial column
  • Oracle - added ability to get line number for SQL errors on select statements
  • Added a preference for whether to try to display Oracle error line numbers for select statements
  • Added ability to sort query results columns via turning on the sort query results columns preference

What is new in version 6.3.26:


  • Added support for select count() queries for Salesforce

Bug Fixes

  • Import Tool: Import create new table option not recognizing column headers in certain situations
  • Import Tool: Create new table creating table as default case object but insert statement generation using exact case
  • FTP client throwing error when no files / directories contained in initial directory

What is new in version 6.3.24:

Bug Fixes

  • Sybase Generate DDL for views not generating entire view statement
  • Sybase Generate DDL tool displays nchar and nvarchar columns as char and varchar
  • If "Executing . . ." window preference is turned off, focus does not stay in editor after executing query

What is new in version 6.3.23:

  • Added support for displaying DynamoDB map type
  • Added support for displaying DynamoDB list type
  • Added support for DynamoDB boolean type
  • MySQL - if get the no database selected error, display a more meaningful message to the user
  • Upgraded DynamoDB AWS library to the latest version
  • Text and Icon size auto-detection only scales text and images for resolutions larger than 1080p and now sets icon and text sizes to medium instead of large
  • Statements starting with a SET command are always updated as an updated even if there are select statements in the statement block
  • PostgreSQL to MS SQL Server database conversion setting decimal / numeric length incorrectly in certain cases

What is new in version 6.3.22:

  • Upgraded Mongodb driver to version 3
  • Upgraded Oracle JDBC drivers to the latest 12c version
  • Mongodb version 3 authentication not supported
  • If user sets an icon or text size preference, and then sets it back to auto detect auto detect logic is not correct
  • DynamoDB: generated delete and update statements for tables with dots in the name throw errors

What is new in version 6.3.20:

  • Added 2015 Amazon RDS SSL certificates to RazorSQL installation
  • Added support for more encyrption algorithms for SSH tool and SSL encrypted connections
  • Changed default connection timeout to 35 seconds from 120 seconds B
  • MySQL connection properties: verifyServerCertificate property spelled incorrectly
  • Configure connection properties function on the add connection profile window not setting connection properties for the MS SQL Server driver

What is new in version 6.3.18:

  • MS SQL Server: On Windows, added the ability to connect using Windows authentication for the MS SQL Server JDBC driver
  • Added a Help -> Set System Property menu option to allow users to set system properties
  • Start using newer version of MySQL driver for auto download version 5.1.34
  • SQL history now includes the current statement delimiter when storing the queries to history
  • If batch call size is 1, command line execute sql file process no longer uses the execute batch option on the driver
  • Query Results Sort: PostgreSQL timestamptz values not sorting
  • Right-click menu on FTP Client sites list does not work on Linux
  • Right-click menu on file system browser path field does not work on Linux
  • DynamoDB - columns with the name of key should not be required to be quoted when written in queries

What is new in version 6.3.16:

Bug Fixes

  • For machines with certain network configurations the process to connect to the database is taking longer than it should
  • Cassandra: List, Map, and Set data types not showing correctly in the database browser or generate DDL tools
  • Salesforce: excludes query syntax throwing parsing error
  • Salesforce: chaining together more than 3 tables in a query throws an SQL parser error
  • Salesforce: Empty values being returned if more than two tables are chained together in SOQL joins

What is new in version 6.3.15:


  • Upgraded SSH library - supports more ciphers and fixed bugs with connecting to SSH over non-standard ports
  • Changed settings for how RazorSQL sets statement fetch size for DB2 ODBC drivers

Bug Fixes

  • Salesforce: includes query syntax throwing a parsing error

What is new in version 6.3.14:

  • Add Reload option to right-click menu on sql editor tab for reloading the current file
  • FTP Window needs to remember its size
  • DynamoDB query bug introduced with previous version
  • Command Line Interface does not work with DynamoDB

What is new in version 6.3.13:

  • Added Amazon Redshift support
  • Enable viewing of raise output in Netezza
  • Added support for Apache Derby 10.11
  • Export Tool: If halt on export is unchecked, all export files / data not getting written
  • Save to FTP menu option not working
  • Cassandra: Can't always handle concurrent requests.
  • Changing the decimal separator in query results preference ignored for SQL Server and Sybase


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