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Version: updated
Upload Date: 13 Aug 18
Developer: Retrospect
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 119.00 $
Downloads: 53
Size: 194556 Kb

Rating: 5.0/5 (Total Votes: 1)

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Retrospect backup and recovery software provides medical offices, law firms, banks, auto repair shops, restaurants, departments in large corporations, universities, government offices and so many others with the peace of mind knowing that their digital assets are safe. Retrospect's enterprise level features provide local and offsite backups, precise point-in-time restores, file-level deduplication, VMware integration, iOS remote management of multiple backup servers, end-user-initiated restores, and industry-leading customer support - all with no dedicated IT staff required to manage it.

What is new in this release:

  • Fixed issue where engine would crash after upgrade when running grooming script with no selector specified (#7465)

What is new in version

  • Improved resiliency of client backup during long operations against error -519 (#6938)
  • Improved CPU efficiency of certain client operations (#6961)
  • Corrected text for client RCU updates (as they do not require an adminstrator to be logged in) (#6812)
  • Updated versions in client installer receipt for mass headless deployment (#6476)
  • Fixed client network issue for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (#6934)

What is new in version

  • NewScalable Data Protection
  • NewCloud storage support for Backblaze B2
  • NewMonitoring System Integration
  • NewScript Hooks
  • NewSupport for Avid
  • NewSupport for LTFS
  • newSupport for Quantum Scalar i3-i6 Tape Libraries
  • ImprovedPerformance improvement during backup and restore for computers with more than 500,000 folders
  • ImprovedOperations log now includes storage savings statistics for block level incremental backup (BLIB)
  • ImprovedOperations log now supports up to 999MB
  • FixedResolved intermittent issue with multiple processes left behind from mounting NAS shares (#6454)
  • FixedThorough Catalog Rebuild now correctly deletes previous .session files (#6598)
  • FixedGrooming policy now correctly saved to backup set to preserve with rebuild (#6549)
  • FixedFixed "Scanning incomplete, error -645" error (#6531)
  • FixedFixed issue with cloud backup sets seeing a media request after grooming (#6583)
  • FixedGrooming now automatically runs during a backup when cloud backup set is full (#6280)
  • FixedClarified error for backup set format inconsistency (#5627)
  • FixedRecycling a backup set correctly removes all existing RDB files (#6213)
  • FixedFixed issue where auto-cleaning request for tape devices was ignored (#6171)
  • FixedFixed Dropbox backup error -1010 by automatically retrying upload (#6524)
  • FixedFixed ASR errors for disaster recovery restores of Windows Client (#6395)
  • FixedImproved media verification for block level incremental backup (BLIB) and Thorough Catalog Rebuild to exclude backups with related errors (#6464)
  • FixedFixed crash during matching for certain instances of grooming (#6568)
  • FixedResolved grooming issue when .session file is manually deleted (#6467)
  • FixedFixed issue with importing Retrospect configuration XML with duplicate names for script sources (#6493)
  • FixedFile backup and restore errors are now counted as execution errors instead of warnings (#6525)
  • FixedFixed repeated error log entries for "Grx::grxSearchForPartialFiles: can not find node path" for grooming (#6614)
  • FixedBackup set transfers with the recycle option enabled no longer log a message saying "Manual recycle" (#6571)
  • FixedSupport macOS's network interface order (#6313)
  • FixedFixed issue with restoring file name containing the "ð" character (#6573)

What is new in version


  • NewOS X El Capitan (10.11) support (pending final OS release)
  • FixedFix hang when client disconnects from network at certain phases of an operation (#5502)
  • FixedFix hang when restoring more than 65,510 folders to a Windows client (#5569)
  • FixedFix crash when restoring Windows client's system state where VSS writer XML data exceeds 32KB (#5570)
  • FixedFix crash when encountering "-559" error during certain phases of Windows client restore (#5571)
  • FixedSupport catalog rebuild for incorrectly encrypted sets created with Retrospect 10.0.2 for Windows (#5551)
  • FixedBackup properties correctly identifies Windows 8.1 Client (#5185)
  • FixedBackup properties correctly identifies Windows 10 Client (#5535)
  • FixedDashboard no longer has visual artifacts when scrolling (#4355)
  • FixedMedia set tape drive binding selection correctly saved after reboot (#4946)
  • FixedFix issue where Copy Backup script transferred same backup multiple times under certain settings (#5524)
  • NewWindows 10 support for clients
  • FixedWindows client installer correctly finishes on Windows 10 on all systems (#5584)
  • FixedFix issue where Mac client's "Reset password" button didn't update the password under certain conditions (#5538)
  • FixedFix Mac client "-559" errors in a number of workflows (#5575)
  • FixedLinux client now correctly handles certain file-level errors during full-volume restores (#4818)
  • FixedLinux client now correctly handles certain file-level errors during backup (#4998)
  • FixedLinux client installer no longer asks for password when using public/private keypairs (#5505)

What is new in version

  • Fix for -1101 scanning errors (#5323)
  • Fix for unrestorable files from snapshot transfer that consolidates multiple BLIB-enabled sets (#5329)
  • Fix for snapshot transfer failing to transfer all necessary BLIB data under certain conditions (#5296)
  • French log for building snapshot no longer includes Spanish (#5375)
  • Mac client uninstaller now removes retroclient.state (#5332)

What is new in version

  • IMPROVEDPerformance increases for backup and restore, up to 100% faster - See details
  • IMPROVEDPerformance increases for grooming, up to 200% faster - See details
  • IMPROVEDPerformance increases for copying backup - See details
  • IMPROVEDEmail summaries for high-level details - See details
  • IMPROVEDEmail subjects format now "Script name - 2 errors, 3 warnings - Retrospect" for quick evaluation
  • IMPROVEDStandardized timestamps in Operations Log and Activity Logs
  • IMPROVEDLog excluded paths (except Client's private files/folders) at Engine level 5
  • FIXEDSuppress Finder dialog on remote computer when adding network share (#5018)
  • FIXEDFix performance for slow "Building snapshot" when backing up Windows EFI Clients (#4889)
  • FIXEDFolders named "Retrospect" (aside from disk set folders) are now correctly backed up (#5129)
  • FIXEDFix hang during Mac client backup with corrupted file (#5008)
  • FIXEDRebuild correctly handles recycled disk set with existing backup date (#5159)
  • FIXEDFix for an edge case where grooming a set with BLIB files results in an unrestorable file (#5194)
  • FIXEDFix for periodic unresponsive engine when autosaving very large config DAT file (#5302)
  • FIXEDChanging the media set "Use at most" option when backing up to a NAS no longer results in a media request (#3861)
  • FIXEDBetter warning for hard-linked directories (like Time Machine) (#4919)
  • FIXEDRepair catalog of media set with members on different disks doesn't use specified member (#5215)
  • FIXEDAdd progress bar and relevant log entries for building snapshot (#5050)
  • FIXEDAdd progress bar and relevant log entries for catalog repair (#5149)
  • FIXEDAdd progress bar and relevant log entries for restore (#5165)
  • FIXEDFix for using certain NAS devices as destination (#5137)
  • FIXEDReport VSS writer and component (MetaInfo) backup errors on 64-bit Windows client (#4968)
  • NEWDashboard hover window for detailed at-a-glance backup information - See details
  • IMPROVEDCopy Backup script's transfer mode now included in "Summary" tab
  • IMPROVEDEmail SSL option makes secure SMTP connection explicit to avoid insecure previous SSL to non-SSL fallback - See details
  • IMPROVED"Add Share" buttons available in "Add Member" sheets
  • NEWGrooming "Months to keep" setting - See details
  • NEWInstant Scan checkbox for enabling or disabling service on clients - See details
  • FIXEDOperations log includes full file name for rebuild activity that contain missing files (#3265)
  • FIXED"Source Host" rule fixed in French (#3348)
  • FIXEDApp remains responsive during catalog rebuild operations (#3857)
  • FIXEDOperations log and activity logs now correctly contain warning, error, set, folder, license icons (#3859)
  • FIXED"Disable restore" checkbox for client no longer prevents RCU updates on that client (#4129)
  • FIXEDConsole better handles engine going offline (#3869)
  • FIXEDFix "Tape Bindings" selection not being saved (#4946)
  • FIXEDFix for past backups not showing up immediately in certain cases (#5014)
  • FIXEDFix for Copy Backup script's transfer mode not being saved in certain workflows (#5037)
  • FIXEDFix for Copy script's transfer mode not being saved in certain workflows (#5042)
  • FIXEDBackups not listed under Restore Assistant or Scripts after engine restarted (#5243)
  • FIXEDFix for past backups incorrectly listing zero files in certain cases (#5044)
  • FIXEDFix "Locate" button for clients after an engine restart (#4859)
  • FIXEDFix for scheduling error handling the last day of the month (#4994)
  • FIXEDFix for on-demand options resetting under certain conditions (#4521)
  • FIXEDConsole should highlight password field for update password (#5261)
  • FIXEDFix console crash after engine removed while connecting (#5244)
  • IMPROVEDNative 64-bit Linux support - See details
  • FIXEDSupport for Linux v7.7 clients (#5003)
  • FIXEDHandle Japanese backup set names in Windows client (#4046)
  • FIXEDFix for empty History tab on Windows client (#3068)
  • FIXEDFix for backing up Mac client volumes with paths over 1024 characters that could cause incomplete backups (#5139)
  • FIXEDAdding volumes to Privacy pane no longer crashes UI on OS X 10.6 (#5009)
  • FIXEDFix Mac client crash during restore in certain conditions (#4437)
  • NEW"Ignore client discovery" checkbox for preserving Client's address in certain firewall and NAT environments
  • FIXEDFix security issue where password sent in cleartext when engine setting password on passwordless client (#4786)
  • FIXEDBetter handle multi-NIC environments for on-demand client operations (#4875)
  • FIXEDBetter handle change for Engine's NIC for on-demand client operations (#4858)
  • FIXEDFix hang when client machine disconnected from network during backup (#5054)
  • FIXEDBetter handles network address changes (#4952)
  • FIXEDOffline network shares time out quickly (#3618)
  • FIXEDFix intermittent issue where client connection reverted to older IP address (#5027)

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