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Version: 2.80 build 544 updated
Upload Date: 3 Dec 18
Developer: G&G Software
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 19.00 $
Downloads: 21
Size: 2776 Kb

Rating: 0.0/5 (Total Votes: 0)

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TwinkiePaste is the utility to quickly typing commonly used text, dates, greetings, standard responses, Internet URLs, logins and passwords, code templates. TwinkiePaste helps to quickly type text in almost any application, thus saving a lot of time and saving you from routine. How TwinkiePaste works? Press a hotkey in any application. TwinkiePaste displays a menu with text templates to be inserted near with cursor. Select the menu command. Done! Text is inserted.

What is new in this release:

Version 2.80 build 544: added: new feature command "Show Phrases Menu" (see menu on right click in the float pane of TwinkiePaste); added: new version of Welcome-module; changed: HTML templates for "Welcome to TwinkiePaste" module; changed: mouse gestures is disabled as default; updated Russian language file of user interface.

What is new in version 2.75 build 535:

Version 2.75 build 535: added: smart trimming of menu name include begin and end of text; added: new setting of Paste method: "via key stroke, when text less than X characters" (use as default); added: commands "Search in Google", "Search In Yandex", "Search in Wikipedia". "Search in MSDN" in menu on right click on menu item; added: dialog "Enter License Key" has symbol "^" in title, when has admin privilegies; added: Undo for latest operation with clipboard history (clear, delete item); added: check for updates after enter license key; added snippets %UPPER_SELTEXT%.twinkiepaste, %LOWER_SELTEXT%.twinkiepaste; added macros: %UPPER_SELTEXT%, %LOWER_SELTEXT%; updated components: core TwinkiePaste.dll, PhraseEditor, Welcome; fixed: crash on right click on recursive menu (right click on menu + right click on menu); changed: when cannot make menu name by data, use title of command always (e.g. if command is macro only: e.g. %UPPER_SELTEXT%, %LOWER_SELTEXT%); added: correction of tooltip position for insertion menu; Changed URL: How to localize TwinkiePaste; updated Russian language file.

What is new in version 2.70:

PhraseEditor: use font of menu in tree pane; PhraseEditor: command "PhrasesRename" enable setting "Use Title Only In Menu" automatically; added: parse not-a-number for macros %NUMBERCHARS_*% (smart fortmat: all numbers to chars, other symbols "as is");

What is new in version 2.62:

  • fixed: command "FileExport" in PhraseEditor;
  • added: command "Welcome" into menu of float pane;
  • added: changing of UI language from menu was change language of nag-screen;
  • added: new module "Welcome";
  • added: new version of core DLL (TwinkiePaste.DLL 2.60);

    What is new in version 2.46:

    reduced the size of sound files; added: recursive menu with commands for selected item on right click in insertion menu; fixed: detection when work under Windows 10; added: new manifest file; changed: display menu on left button up on icon in system tray; fixed: activation of keyboard layout, when languages gread than 2; added: sounds for events "Start" and "Start As Admin"; added: settings of font for menu of inserton; added new gesture: show menu on click by right mouse button; added: create log file with low level security attributes; added: PhraseEditor - preview in text editor (show menu View); changed: custom icon for Google-commands; added macros %TRIM_LEFT_ALLPROTS_FROM_SELTEXT% (remove all web protocols from left of selected text: http://, https:// and etc); added: custom icon for the web commands (open URLs and etc); updated Russian language file;

    What is new in version 2.40:

    Added: hiding menu tooltip when WM_EXITMENULOOP; Updated languages files: Russian, Turkish, Italian, Indonesian, Magyar; Fixed: invalid activation keyboard layout; New mouse gesture service (as independent Gesture.DLL); Added: new version of core DLL (TwinkiePaste.DLL 2.40); Added: command line /showmenu. Show tray menu of TwinkiePaste (supports call from second copy); Removed many triple-click gestures for showing of menu;

    What is new in version 2.34 build 470:

    Version 2.34 build 470 added: command "Open Settings File"; changed: location of settings file to %USERPROFILE% folder; changed: menu items and clipboard history pane draw items with ampersands (as is); fixed: locking of keeping of clipboard, when copy data from TwinkiePaste; added: re-install clipboard spy on windows terminal sessions events; fixed: float pane show invalid length of text in symbols for formatted text; added: new command "Run As Adminstrator"; added: use miltiple latest commands on top of menu (as default: max is 3 commands, You can change this in settings).

    What is new in version 2.28 build 456:

    added: tip text on caption of float pane in maximized mode;
    changed: enlarged rectangle of float pane on start;
    added: custom icons for GoogleYandex command of insertion menu (experimental);
    added: new command for history items "Edit" (see context menu of float pane);
    added: new version of PhraseEditor 2.26;
    added: Indonesian language of user interface;
    added: command "Edit PhrasesSettings" into context menu of float pane;
    imrove: receive text from clipboard, when copy from web web browsers;
    fixed: macro %SELECTED_TEXT% expand into text from Clipboard under Windows 64x;
    fixed: does not work mouse gesture;
    disabled logging in core DLL;
    changed: insertion menu draw vertical bar;
    fixed: macro processor has runtime error on logging;
    PhraseEditor: added new command "FormatRead Only" (RO-move of text editor);
    added: PhraseEditor enable RO-move for text editor as default (for safety);
    added: new setting for clipboard tracking method (automatically);
    fixed: invalid text for submenu of clipboard history;
    added: float pane show border on minimized mode;
    changed: building of menu of insertion;
    updated Russian language file;


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